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On the wings of history

The second section of the exhibition is devoted to historical aircraft still flying replicas of machines that have marked the beginnings of aviation history, as the Flyer – biplane with which the Wright brothers marked, the 17 December 1903, the milestone of the first controlled powered flight – the Bleriot channel crossing, the Ca. 1 – first airplane built by engineer Gianni Caproni – or the lucky Ca. 100 "Caproncino". Here are some shots as preview of those exposed to view.

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Replica of the Blériot XI
France (1909)
Al Ain international air show 2007
(United Arab Emirates)
200x ap3 4819
Replica of the Caproni Ca1 (1910)
created by Mario Marangoni
Replica of the Caproni Ca1 (1910)
created by Mario Marangoni

Flying Replica of the Flyer the Wright brothers
flew the first powered flight in history on 17
December 1903, created by Giancarlo Zanardo
45 anniversary of Frecce Tricolori Addressed (Italy)-2005

Flying replicas of Caproni C100
created by Mario Marangoni
Gianni Caproni Airport
Trento (Italy) – 2007