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photographs by Andrea Pozza

The exhibition "images of flight", staged from over one hundred shots taken of the homonymous exhibition book by Andrea Pozza, consists of four sections, respectively: "more Light than air", "on the wings of history", "Sport Aviation" and "Air Show".
Unlike other photographic exhibitions previously held within the Museo dell'aeronautica Gianni Caproni, rather than in a single area, this exhibition has been purposely deployed within the entire museum space, in direct continuity with the permanent exhibitions and the surrounding content.
In particular, the section devoted to flying aircraft has as natural floor the large mural dedicated to hot air balloons, which welcomes visitors to the Museum since it opened in 1992. Pool shots, many of them made during large gatherings of balloons, offer a veritable Gallery of balloons, from the most traditional ones with historical livery to those, more curious and light-hearted, in the form of figures, animals and faces, in flight over spectacular mountain landscapes or in suggestive nocturnal contexts.

The section dedicated to historical aircraft still flying replicas of machines that have marked the beginnings of aviation history is arranged along the walls of the main exhibition hall, which exposes the airplanes and the oldest aeronautical memorabilia from the collection of the Museum. It is a journey through the history that develops from the Wright brothers ' biplane to the second world war, passing through the parable of aeronautical constructor of Gianni Caproni, from his first biplane to lucky tourist patterns between the two world wars.

The section dedicated to sport aviation – set up in the lobby of the airport g. Caproni airport, so close to the runway – is mainly devoted to ultralight flight school based on the airport in Trento.

Closes the extensive series of photographs on display, inside the new exhibition hall of the Museum, a large composition of banners on which are some of the most exciting shots of the Pool photographer at events of national and international airlines. In the latter the public section of the Museum you can admire the spectacular evolution of aerobatic patrols of air forces of different countries alongside those of some of the most prestigious civilian aerobatic team, and almost feel an air show audience reading emotions and curiosity on the faces of adults and children photographed in aerial demonstrations throughout the world; the path ends with a space dedicated to the Italian air force and to its National aerobatic team.
With the exhibition "images of flight" the Gianni Caproni Air Museum invites its visitors to "get your wings" and dreaming of detach L'ombra da terra identifying oneself in exciting shots of Andrea Pozza.