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The book

The passion for the aviation world accompanies the photographer Andrea Pozza since his teenage years and even disappointment resulting from the inability to become military pilot – after the first pair of prescription glasses – managed to dent that passion. When, at age 18, the puddle was able to afford his first SLR camera, he immediately thought of utilize for photographing of airplanes at air shows. The attendance, in those same years, the circolo fotografico di Bolzano, allowed him to learn how to develop and print black and white.

Then one day, on the Board of the club appeared the notice of an aviation-themed photography competition, organised by the Caproni Museum. Pozza – that on that occasion he placed first in the section colour – still remembers today with sincere emotion when he received the award from Countess Maria Faith Caproni.

After that contest, began the first great expeditions abroad, on the occasion of major international air show. In that same period the puddle he knew even Rodolfo Biancorosso, from whom he learned the rudiments of aeronautical journalism, turning what until then had been a simple passion, into something more.
In addition to participating in numerous air show, then came the first experiences in air raids: the coast of Morocco in the wake of a group of French pilots, to those of the Baltic Sea in the wake of the first tour organized by the Alpi Aviation. And your participation in the "pioneer tour allowed him the knowledge of those pilots who would later founded the Pioneer Team.
Since 2006, Pozza is the official photographer of the education Pioneer Team ", which followed in his numerous trips in Italy and abroad, experiencing exciting experiences such as large travel within Japan, China and Korea.

As part of the "Pioneer", Pool Team could live "rubbing elbows" with riders and the deep humanity of certain times – impossible to perceive from a simple photographer credited to events – is the experience that, as he likes to point out, is what more it did grow, not only in terms of professional, but also personal. And it was during this experience that he got to know even big names in world aviation photography, as in the case of maestro Katsuhiko Tokunaga.

In 2008 then a chance to realize a dream, to "take the wings and learn to fly. Once again, as already happened in the photographic field, the airport in Trento was crucial in order to achieve this dream, thanks to Marco Fozzer and flight school he directed.

In the book "images of flight" – collecting the shots more dear to the photographer, extrapolated from its vast archive, built over a decade – alongside well-known names aerobatic aircraft in the world, are, for the first time, even emerging civil patrols, in recent years, have helped to spread the Tricolor in the world, along with the Italian leader in the field of ultralight flight.

For his part, Gianni Caproni Air Museum is pleased to welcome this important moment in the career of the photographer Andrea Pozza that precisely here, took her first steps in this area.

IMAGES of FLIGHT – ISBN 978 88 01 6 96853
Author: Andrea Pozza – www.photopozza.com
Publisher: Museo dell'aeronautica Gianni Caproni, Trento
Printing and distribution: American Litocartotecnica-Rivarolo del Re ed Uniti (CR)